FamilyMart Co., Ltd., which operates the Japanese convenience store chain FamilyMart, has updated its line of sandwiches beginning this month as part of its "More Delicious" campaign. These sandwiches are now available at approximately 16,200 FamilyMart branches nationwide, excluding Okinawa Prefecture.

Improved bread: Softer and richer flavor

By adding levain (sourdough starter) to the bread dough, FamilyMart has achieved a more flavorful and softer sandwich bread that will heighten your enjoyment of each sandwich.

FamilyMart's new and improved egg sandwich

As some of our readers may recall, in April 2022, FamilyMart updated their egg sandwich by imparting a richer, more flavorful taste to the egg salad filling and 25% more egg salad.

This time, in addition to better-tasting bread, the sandwich uses thicker slices. Moreover, the filling has been improved again to strengthen the presence and flavor of eggs. Together, these improvements create a more satisfying egg sandwich sure to please egg lovers.

FamilyMart's new and improved たまごサンド (tamago sando | Egg Sandwich) costs 230 JPY plus tax.

Lettuce, ham and cheese sandwich

FamilyMart's new シャキシャキレタスサンド (shaki shaki retasu sando | lit. "crunchy lettuce sandwich") combines crispy lettuce with pork ham and cheddar cheese, seasoned with French onion sauce. The amount of lettuce and cheese has been increased for a fresher crunchier texture and cheesier taste. It costs 267 JPY plus tax.

Potato salad sandwich

This sandwich combines a chunky potato salad with carrots, onions, pork ham, and cucumbers. New potatoes made in Japan are used, and the amount of filling has been increased for a more satisying sandwich.

FamilyMart's new ポテトサラダサンド (poteto sarada sando | potato salad sandwich) costs 223 JPY plus tax.

Pick up these sandwiches the next time you stop by a FamilyMart in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.