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Nissin Cup Noodle has a fishy idea for some new ramen footwear

Japanese noodle giant Nissin tends to have a lot of fun on Twitter, often teasing potential releases of items based on their popular Cup Noodle series. In the past they've tickled the fancy of instant ramen lovers by introducing the idea of Cup Noodle ingredient bath bombs and sponges. Some of their creative concoctions have even come to fruition, as seen with their genius Cup Noodle humidifiers.

Nissin is back at it again, this time with some special Cup Noodle footwear:

Nissin shared a photo of what looks to be their humorous idea for some sandals--ones that leave an imprint of the logo of their Seafood Noodle flavor. Perhaps more than they expected, there seems to be quite a clamor for the sandals to actually be made a commercial product, with many on Twitter asking for an official release. While Nissin hasn't actually made the sandals available, they say if the original Tweet gets ReTweeted enough, they'll make a move to bring the ramen sandals into the real world. So you may see some Cup Noodle footprints on the beach in the near future.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.