If you really love pork katsu and you live in the Kansai area of Japan, you have an opportunity to get more than your fill at the かつアンドかつ Katsu and Katsu tonkatsu specialty shop.

For a limited time during the upcoming "Silver Week" season, between September 19th and 25th, 2022, Katsu and Katsu is rolling out their most generous katsu meal to date.

Manpuku Pork Loin Katsu Meal

The まんぷくロースかつ膳 (manpuku rōsu katsu zen | literally "satiety pork loin katsu meal set") features 240 grams, which is over half a pound (0.52 lbs) of pork loin katsu. The regularly offered pork loin katsu meals go up in increments of 30 grams beginning from 90 g, 120 g, 150 g, and 180 g, but with this huge portion, the increment doubles to 60 grams. It's by far the largest katsu meal in Katsu & Katsu's history.

The loin used in the Manpuku Pork Loin Katsu meal is sourced from かぶり kaburi rib cap, a cut featuring a good balance of red meat and fat, so the meat remains pink, tender, and juicy even after frying. Recommended for those who want a hearty meal, this set is only available to diners visiting the Katsu and Katsu branches and won't be available for delivery or take-out.

The set costs 1,900 JPY plus tax and includes rice, pork and vegetable soup, pickles, grated daikon with ponzu sauce, and shredded cabbage (all of which can be refilled free of charge).

Fall Excursion Family Bento Set

During the same period, you can also purchase a special take-out platter perfect to bring along on an early fall family excursion.

The 秋の行楽限定 ファミリーかつセット (aki no gyōraku gentei famirī setto | lit. "fall excursion-limited family set") meal set costs 2,850 JPY plus tax and contains 2 pieces of pork fillet katsu, 1 piece of cheese mille-feuille katsu (featuring alternating layers of thinly sliced pork and cheese), two fried shrimp, two pieces of kara-age fried chicken, two nikumaki tamago katsu (eggs rolled with thinly sliced pork, breaded and fried), pork fillet katsu sandwiches, fried potatoes and two bags of shredded cabbage.

About Katsu and Katsu

Although the name Katsu and Katsu may sound like a furniture business run by two Jewish brothers named Katz, there's nothing kosher about this chain where breaded pork is the order of business.

Whether it's their flavorful pork loin katsu made with 瀬戸内六穀豚 setouchi rokkoku ton, a Japanese brand of pork produced in Hiroshima and raised on a well-balanced diet of six kinds of grains, or their other katsu dishes made with tender and juicy Oklahoma-raised pork, Katsu and Katsu's pork katsu offerings have been satisfying customers since 1999.

After opening their first store in 紫金山公園店 Shikinzan Park in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, they continued to expand their operations and now own 15 branches in Osaka, Hyogo, Nara, and Kyoto prefectures.

For more information, visit their official website here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.