Almost all of us keep secrets of some kind, some of them bigger than others.

It's not uncommon for people to have one or two things about themselves that they'd rather not disclose to family members.

Manga artist 寅尾あかまる Akamaru Torao (@akafujipiyokoo1) drew a manga about a man with a crossdressing hobby that he'd kept secret to his family. So, when his daughter discovers it one day, he was in for a surprise ... but not the one he expected.

Reproduced with permission from 寅尾あかまる Akamaru Torao (@akafujipiyokoo1).

Note: English translations are ours.

Contrary to his expectations, the man's secret ended up strengthening his bond with his daughter.

This heartwarming story moved many people online and received numerous likes and comments, some of which were:

  • "I cried because it was so moving. What a kind world!"
  • "It touched my heart. I'm glad the father and daughter were able to bridge the distance between them...!"
  • "I like this kind of story! I wonder what will happen to these two after this..."

Surely they'll have more opportunities to make new memories, not only as father and daughter, but as friends who share makeup tips too!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.