As their name suggests, Japanese photographer プレーリードッグカメラマン Prairie Dog Cameraman (@prairie_for_you) specializes in photos of prairie dogs, but also other cute animals.

Their favorite way of introducing photos is to caption them with humorous lines, like this one:

"Please raise your left hand if it hurts."

If you've heard that line before, you've probably had something involving more than a regular checkup at the dentist's office.

Here's the matching photo:

Reproduced with permission from プレーリードッグカメラマン Prairie Dog Cameraman (@prairie_for_you)

It looks like a dentist and their assistant are working on a patient!

The prairie dog that looks like it's being treated hasn't even opened its mouth, but it's already raising its left hand.

It looks just like someone who hates visiting the dentist but is doing their best to get a cavity filled...

Check out Prairie Dog Cameraman's Twitter account to see more great photos of prairie dogs. And if you like other cute animals, such as this adorable rabbit, you can look for those too!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.