Whether it be from a boat that looks like it is passing through Spirited Away or countryside scenery that looks like it could be in My Neighbor Totoro, Japanese photographer Yukari (@mitsuyuka_lp) has a real talent for finding and beautifully capturing areas around Japan that would fit as still in a Studio Ghibli anime.

Her latest shot fits right in with that anime-inspired portfolio, this time with a gorgeous hillside photo so brilliant in color that it's being compared to scenes from Howl's Moving Castle. Yukari shared her photo of the fantastic landscape with the caption "I thought I had arrived in Heaven", and that description certainly fits.

Source: @mitsuyuka_lp

The lavender-covered hill is gorgeous on its own, but the dreamlike pink sky looks as if it could have been painted on. The lone log house ties it all together with a storybook touch, and you can see why the Studio Ghibli comparisons are justified.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.