A trip to the dentist can be a nerve-wracking experience, to say the least. Whether you're just a kid or a full-fledged adult, you'll often find yourself worried about either pain or the shame of some bad news about your dental hygiene. That's probably why you'll often find reassuring imagery or music in the waiting room or entrance to a dental office, as it's a way to put patients at ease.

Nuta Sakuma (@sakuma2033) encountered a dental office that decided to do the exact opposite of that recently, and the hilarious boldness of it has Twitter both applauding the move and also in fear:

Source: @sakuma2033

"I went to a dentist's office where there was an object that made me think there was no way I was going home unscathed."

As you can see, it's a very expressive figure of a dentist forcefully holding down a struggling patient as they seem to be extracting a tooth--quite painfully! It doesn't exactly give off the most calming vibes for a dental office. That said, it may be that the dentist has a darker sense of humor and is just embracing the perceived atmosphere of a trip to their office. Several on Twitter commented that it may not be the best dentist to take kids too, but joked that the other hand that is may actually be perfect as it may just scare them into practicing immaculate toothcare.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.