Manufactured by Lotte, 雪見だいふく Yukimi Daifuku (literally "snow-viewing daifuku cake") is the most famous brand of mochi ice cream in Japan. It features a chewy gyūhi (mochi) outside layer that retains its soft texture in the freezer and, in its standard flavor, a sweet and mild milk vanilla-flavored ice cream inside. It also comes in numerous other flavors that change from season to season.

If you love mochi ice cream and happen to be in Japan between now and September 21st, 2022, you're in luck! Just head on over to your local 7-Eleven and you'll be able to get two Yukimi Daifuku for the price of one!

7-Eleven has added the popular ice cream to the list of eligible products in its プライチ+1 Puraichi+1 campaign, which offers a free voucher for another product or the same product as the original purchase for qualifying products.

If you purchase コクのショコラ (koku no shokora | Rich Chocolate) Yukimi Daifuku by September 21st, you'll get a voucher for a plain Yukimi Daifuku at no additional cost!

The voucher can be redeemed between September 21st and October 5th. The receipt will be used as the exchange ticket, so be sure to keep it.

Attesting to the continuing popularity of Yukimi Daifuku after more than 40 years, there were many comments online reacting to the news, such as:

  • "I love them both, so I'm definitely going to buy one."
  • "What a generous campaign."
  • "I'll definitely buy them because I like both flavors."

Although the temperatures are getting cooler, it can still be quite hot in Japan at this time of year. Why not cool down with Yukimi Daifuku, using this special deal?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.