For many people around the world, smartphones are a convenient and—some may even say—an indispensable part of their lives.

In addition to staying in touch with family and friends who aren't nearby and enjoying social media, many people use their smartphones to play games.

Using your smartphone while lying on your back

Manga artist わきた Wakita (@ekawata_kiw) depicted her own unfortunate experience with a smartphone and posted it on Twitter.

One day, Wakita was using her smartphone.

She was lying on her back, holding the phone up in front of her face and fiddling with it when something unexpected happened...

Reproduced with permission from わきた Wakita (@ekawata_kiw)

The phone accidentally slipped from her hands and fell towards her face.

In the last frame, we see Wakita using her reflexes to quickly turn her head away and escape from the impact!

If she had not avoided it, the phone would have hit her in the face.

Although egos are usually bruised more than faces as a result of smartphone face drops, in the worst cases, they can lead to serious injury. For example, in 2019, an American plastic surgeon reported he had seen a patient with a broken nose.

Based on the comments her manga elicited, it seems that many people have experienced the same thing as Wakita:

  • "I get this. My neck reflexes have surpassed even professional athletes by now..."
  • "I've experienced it more than 10 times in my life. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten hit."
  • "If it were me, I wouldn't be able to avoid it, and it would hit me right in the face!"

If you focus too much on the screen, you may not pay attention to anything else.

Needless to say, please be careful not to drop your phone when you use it while lying on your back. If your arms or hands are getting tired, that's probably a good indication that it's time to stop.

Wakita's works are now on sale!

Many of Wakita's manga depicting heartwarming everyday events are posted on Twitter.

In addition, her works such as 『ライアーバード』Liar Bird, 『凪を探して』(nagi wo sagashite | looking for Nagi) and 『妖精のおきゃくさま』 (yōsei no okyakusama | Fairy customer) are now on sale to rave reviews, so please check them out.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.