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Original PlayStation pouch has retro gaming fans pumped

On June 13th, 2022, Takarajimasha, Inc. released the mook 初代PlayStationの原寸大マルチポーチ付きBOOK (shodai purēsutēshon no gensundai maruchi pōchi | "Book with real-sized original PlayStation multipurpose pouch").

ムック (mukku | mook) is a popular Japanese publishing format combining the words "magazine" and "book," and often featuring supplemental products.

Takarajimasha is known for its line of mooks pairing pouches modeled after hit products with slim magazines outlining their history and other information fans will appreciate. For example, we've covered their pouches inspired by Nissin's Cup Noodle instant noodles, the popular "Lunch Pack" sandwich pockets made by Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd., and the Jumbo Choco Monaka ice cream sandwich by Morinaga & Co., Ltd.

This pouch, which reproduces the size and design of the original Playstation from 1994, was a hot topic on the Internet as soon as it was released and has continued to be a best-seller ever since.

Just like the original PlayStation!

It's available in two versions with different colors for the inner lining: black and blue.

The black version is available at bookstores nationwide and various e-commerce sites, while the blue version is available at FamilyMart, Lawson, and the Takarajima Channel.

The lining is patterned in the PlayStation family mark, a feature sure to tickle the hearts of PlayStation fans.

Zipper pulls

The two zip pulls are designed with the PlayStation button logo representing the four action buttons on the controller. You can feel the playful spirit in every detail!

Storage capacity

The pouch measures 185 mm (7.3") in length, 265 mm (10.4") in width, and 50 mm (2") in height. The pouch is large, so it has great storage capacity.

It also has an inner pocket with a zipper, so you can neatly store stationery and other small items. It's made of mesh so you can see what's stored as soon as you open the pouch.

This multipurpose pouch combines functionality and design, so it's not hard to see why it has been in such demand. As soon as it was announced, there were numerous comments on Twitter such as "I want this so badly," "I bought it as soon as I saw it!" and "What a cool design."

If you're interested, why not get one for yourself? Here's the link to

By - grape Japan editorial staff.