When it comes to instant yakisoba in Japan, it's hard to doubt Peyang as one of the country's leading brands. Peyang not only releases a wide variety of flavors (including unusual ones such as apple pie), but they also have a popular series of gigantic serving packages. So in that regard, it really does seem like Peyang releases a type of yakisoba for everyone.

Apparently the appeal of the instant noodles goes beyond humans, as Twitter user @momonosekaiii recently found out when they were preparing a piping hot serving of Peyang. As their noodles cooked for the recommended three minutes before eating, @momonosekaiii's shiba inu Momo took interest in the yakisoba in a way that has Twitter in tears over the dog's monk-like discipline:

Source: @momonosekaiii

Whether Momo is enjoying the scent of the cooking noodles or warming up to them, her serious expression and pose makes it appear as if she is meditating before the yakisoba as she awaits for them to be ready--taking instant noodles very seriously! Although Momo can't partake of the noodles, many on Twitter suggested to become a spokesdog for the popular noodles, perhaps appearing in a commercial.

With that type of focus she'd certainly fit under the bright lights.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.