It's fun to draw an idea or a story that pops into your head, for example, in a notebook or sketchbook.

If you like to draw, you've probably drawn many things since you were a child.

When you look back on your childhood works as an adult, you may laugh at the outlandish stories and imaginative drawings you made.

Redrawing a favorite childhood illustration

Japanese illustrator, manga artist, author and LINE stamp designer もじゃクッキー Mojacookie (@mojacookie), known for works such as 『しかるねこ』 Shikaru Neko and 『ヒヨハリ!』"Hiyohari!", not to mention this adorable series of illustrations featuring dogs paired with food plates, discovered an illustration they drew in their early elementary school years.

Here's the illustration that they find infinitely funny:

Reproduced with permission from もじゃクッキー Mojacookie (@mojacookie)

"I just love the energy of this illustration that I drew in my early elementary school years. I could laugh forever."

In this illustration, which looks like a panel from a gag manga, a crocodile is screaming in pain after being bitten on the tail by a mouse, and a rabbit, who happens to be right next to the crocodile, screams out of shock in reaction to the crocodile.

It's an odd situation, but the more you look at it, the more you feel like laughing.

Mojacookie redrew this illustration with his current drawing skills:

Reproduced with permission from もじゃクッキー Mojacookie (@mojacookie)

In terms of correct proportions for the animals, his reinterpreted version is as professional as they come!

Nevertheless, Mojacookie's childhood work also has its own charm that makes it no less attractive than the new version.

Many people compared the illustrations and thought it was hard to choose between the two. Some of the comments were:

  • "Mojacookie's drawing skills have been good since elementary school!"
  • "I like the wild artistic style that only children make use of."
  • "The one drawn with Mojacookie's current drawing skills is interesting because it gives a completely different impression."
  • "Both are wonderful, but the picture from elementary school, with its sense of surprise, is very appealling."
  • "I like both illustrations because the mouse is cute."

Both illustrations seem to have their own fans!

If you like them, you can buy a T-shirt that features both illustrations, the first on the front and the second on the back! The link is in the Tweet below.

If you live outside of Japan, you may need to go through a forwarding service such as Buyee or White Rabbit Express to have your purchase delivered.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.