When it comes to Halloween, many of us are more about the treats than the tricks. If that’s the case for you too, Japan is a great place to be. Since the beginning of September, plenty of awesome snacks have been appearing on shelves, inspired by the spookiest season of them all.

One store that never disappoints in their yearly spooktastic menu is Krispy Kreme Japan. This year’s lineup has the theme of ‘Sweet Night Halloween’.

A regular addition to the autumn menu, the ‘Pumpkin Jack Caramel’ is back of course.

There’s also another familiar face, the chocolate-flavour black cat. But this time around we get to see the cute cat, and the spooky version, after the cat becomes a terrifying mummy.

This ‘transformation’ storyline will be played out in real life, with the black cat chocolate doughnut appearing first until 6th October.

After 6th October, the mummified version will take over the slot on the menu. With white chocolate bandages and one creepy glaring eye peeking through them.

The ‘Spider Choco Custard’ puts a spooky spin on a classic doughnut.

And lastly, there’s a ‘Halloween Sprinkle’ which turns a standard chocolate-topped ring doughnut into a Halloween special with the help of some seasonally-appropriate, coloured sprinkles.

The whole Halloween collection can be snapped up in various sized boxes, perfect for a Halloween party, or a night in watching a horror movie.

Each doughnut costs between 248 and 341 yen, and prices differ depending on whether you eat in store or take out. But the whole collection will eerily disappear on 31st October 2022, so be quick if you want to grab one for yourself!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.