Many people keep their pet dogs in their yards or other outside areas if the dog is medium-sized or larger and they live in a house.

When a strong typhoon hits, it's only normal for owners to worry but not everyone realizes the extent of the danger their pets may be in.

Cautionary manga goes viral

From the night of September 17th to September 19th, 2022, Super Typhoon Nanmadol hit the Japanese archipelago, bringing with it powerful winds and torrential rains to many parts of the country.

In response, manga artist ヨシモフ郎 Yoshimofurou (@yosimofurou) decided to post a cautionary manga aimed at dog owners.

When he was in elementary school, Yoshimofurou's family kept a pet dog in their yard. His parents were away when a major typhoon hit, but he was too young to realize the imminent danger...

Reproduced with permission from ヨシモフ郎 Yoshimofurou (@yosimofurou)

Yoshimofurou and his older sister managed to save their dog and bring it inside. However, witnessing the destructive power of a major typhoon and seeing his dog literally flying was surely a terrible experience and the memory has stayed with him ever since.

The cautionary manga with its potentially life-saving advice went viral, garnering over 202,500 likes and 75,500 retweets at the time of writing, eliciting comments such as:

  • "As a dog owner, this sent shivers down my spine... Thank goodness your furbaby was safe!"
  • "Take all your outdoor pets inside! Protect the lives of your family!"
  • "I know it's not funny, but omg, that dog was really flying! I hope this manga will be widely shared."

Even for large, able-bodied human adults, typhoons can be very dangerous.

If you are around people who keep their pets outside, please tell them now. Take them inside when typhoons approach!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.