With the ability to transform its appearance into that of other Pokémon, the shapeshifting Ditto is a bit of a fan favorite in the Pokémon universe. One Ditto's main appeals is perhaps when it can't quite perfectly transform into another Pokémon, and instead is left looking somewhat...different.

Twitter user Komugiko/Komu (@SS_komu) experienced some of that appeal, and perhaps horror, firsthand when they decided to try their hand at felt art for the first time with an official Pokémon Ditto needle felt art kit.

However, just as Ditto's transforming abilities sometimes go wrong, Komugiko/Komu ended up with a slightly different Pokémon than appeared on the label of the kit:

Source: @SS_komu

"What the...?!

As you can see, Komugiko/Komu's Ditto accidentally turned into quite the terrifying version of Ditto! Many online fell in love with the unusual appearance and joked about it being perhaps a Ditto mimicking a ghost-type Pokémon. The deformed Ditto hasn't just spooked people, however, as many are also finding it strangely adorable and even an improvement over the original.

Komugiko/Komu tells us that this was their first attempt at felt art in their life. While they felt they made the body correctly, once they started to add on the limbs and body bulges, the balance of whole thing came apart. Even though they read the instructions, the face ended up looking quite different. Still, Komugiko/Komu is proud of their Ditto, having made it with love in a first time hobby and doesn't consider it a failure. Given how beloved it's become on Twitter, we'd say they're right!

After making some adjustments and finishing off the work, Komugiko/Komu ended up with quite the impressive ghostly Ditto!

Source: @SS_komu

By - grape Japan editorial staff.