Salmon is one of the most popular sushi items at sushi restaurants, among Japanese people and non-Japanese people alike.

If you're in Japan until October 2nd, 2022, you can get your fill of delicious salmon sushi and more at all branches of Japan's popular sushi chain Kappa Sushi.

Salmon Salad Mountain plate: 300 JPY

Introducing the サーモンサラダマウンテン (sāmon sarada maunten | Salmon Salad Mountain).

For the eleventh time, Kappa Sushi is up to new mischief with their やんちゃ企画 (yancha kikaku | lit. "mischievous project"), putting not two or four but six salmon sushi nigiri, together with salmon roe and seafood salad on a plate, all for the very reasonable price of 330 JPY (2.28 USD at today's rate) with tax. (Not available for takeout). In fact, when you consider that 330 JPY is exactly triple the amount of their standard salmon sushi (see below), this mountainous offering is a great value since you also get salmon roe and seafood salad as well!

Inspired by the Yokohama Landmark Tower, where Kappa Sushi is headquartered, Kappa Sushi put a tower of six pieces of salmon sushi on a plate along with salmon roe when the project started in November 2021. It was so popular that 100,000 were sold in 10 days!

The latest version ups the ante with the addition of "seafood salad," all for the same price.

Blending homemade surimi with mild and creamy mayonnaise, with minced squid tentacles adding a chewy texture, Kappa Sushi's サラダ軍艦 sarada gunkan is not your average seafood salad. In their branches in Nagano Prefecture, the birthplace of Kappa Sushi, it's even more popular than tuna and the only type of sushi available for takeout.

Standard Salmon Sushi: 110 JPY for 2

Kappa Sushi buyers carefully select the salmon from the best sources and species. They're skinned and carefully carved one by one at the restaurant, so you can enjoy the delicious smooth texture and the sweet fatty taste. It's also great when paired with Kappa Sushi's original "Dashi Soy Sauce" to enhance its flavor! And at only 110 JPY (0.76 USD at today's rate) with tax, it's affordable too.

To find your nearest Kappa Sushi branch and learn more about Kappa Sushi, visit their home page here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.