Because it's almost only limited to the Kyushu region, the Black Mont Blanc ice cream bar made by Takeshita Seika is considered must-try for those who visit the area. The region-exclusive nature and beloved taste of the vanilla ice cream bar coated in chocolate and cookie crumbs has made it quite popular among ice cream in the country.

So while most sweets lovers would be content to finally make the trip to Kyushu and take a bite out of the bar, Takeshita Seika is teaming up with longstanding soy sauce brewery Miyajima to deliver Black Mont Blanc in a totally different form--as an ice cream bar curry!

The intriguing combination of sweet and savory combines a curry developed by Miyajima, a soy sauce maker founded in 1802, with the crunchy crumble that coats the popular Black Mont Blanc ice cream bar that is included in the package. The two makers say that serving the crumble over white rice and the Miyajima's rich Japanese curry adds an all new texture to two different soul foods--curry and Black Mont Blanc--in one delicious dish.


Packages of "Black Mont Black has Become Curry" will initially be sold in western Japan only for 648 yen starting October 1st.


By - grape Japan editorial staff.