Are you fond of potato chips sold in tube cans? A few famous brands around the world sell their potato chips this way, including Pringles, which many of our readers are probably familiar with. However, unlike chips that come in bags, the tube format sometimes presents a unique problem. The more you eat, the harder it can be to reach the remaining chips in the tube and take them out without breaking them.

If only there were a solution to such a problem...

As it turns out, there is!

Thanks to the practical and whimsical imagination of Japanese gadgeteer カズヤシバタ Kazuya Shibata (@seevua), the world has been gifted with...

The Chips Lifter

Here, you can see the Chips Lifter (or, for our readers across the pond, the Crisps Lifter) in all its glory in a video presented with Shibata's endearing over-the-top acting and hammy narration.

Just attach the Chips Lifter to your chips tube, set the magnetic hook on the inside wall, flip the switch, and presto, the hook will automatically begin lifting up the stack of chips from the bottom.

No more bruised egos, let alone bruised chips.

If you're curious to know how Shibata created the gadget, you can check out this video on his YouTube Channel:

On social media, the Chips Lifter was met with effusive praise such as:

  • "The idea is so ingenious!"
  • "Genius!"
  • "It's interesting. A great idea."
  • "You have a nice smile, don't you?"
  • "I want it so much. I hope it will be commercialized."

The final comment surely resonates with many of our chip-loving readers.

If anything, it would surely make for a conversation piece as well as a fun gift, and perhaps, for the real gadget-lovers out there, an indispensable snack-time partner.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.