Many cat lovers are happy to take care of not one but several cats, enjoying the love, companionship, and entertainment they provide.

When you see cats happily playing together, it's hard not to smile.

However, even cats who get along well with each other tend to fight at mealtime.

Especially if their human caretaker adjusts the amount and type of food to suit each of their needs, it can be rather frustrating for their human when they squabble over who gets what and don't eat what they've been given.

The owner of the YouTube channel 『猫は液体(みかんとじろうさんち)』(neko wa ekitai [mikan to jirōsanchi] | "Cats are Liquid [Mikan and Jiro's house])," who lives with six cats, came up with a countermeasure to prevent their squabbling. Here it is:

The owner made partitions out of cardboard! If this looks familiar, you may have seen something just like this at the international ramen chain Ichiran, famous for their partitioned "Flavor Concentration Booths" like the one shown below where guests can enjoy a solo dining experience.

Wpcpey, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The "Ichiran-style" system demonstrated in the video works perfectly.

The sight of the cats engrossed in their ramen-like evening meal is spectacular! And because of the partitions, the cats don't fight over the food.

The cats eat their food at different speeds, so they each leave at their leisure just like visitors to a real ramen restaurant.

The video received comments such as "This is clever," "This is a revolutionary system," and "The idea is genius."

If you've ever been bothered by cats fighting over their food, why not set up your very own "Flavor Concentration Booths" at home?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.