As much as some love it, there's quite a few cats that either completely dislike brushing or have that one not-so-sweet spot that sets them off. While most kitties will walk it off and forget after a moment, there's few things worse for a cat lover than that moment of dejection when your cat gets upset at you.

Twitter user @Mh0MLiErcV8E97C has a simple trick--or at least, a trick that shows how simple a cat's mind can be--that gets them out of the predicament when brushing their cat, Mona.

@Mh0MLiErcV8E97C recently shared a set of "before and after" brushing photos of Mona that has cat owners on Twitter nodding in unison. This is Mona after a recent thorough brushing session. As you can see, she wears her emotions on her sleeve and is not particularly happy...

While Mona looks pretty intimidating, her disposition changes immediately once her owner whispers one magic word: "Snacks!"

"She got really ticked off by brushing so in a small voice I said "snacks.""

Mona's anger stops on a dime and quickly turns into excitement, picking up on the magic word even when it's whispered. According to her owner, Mona has actually memorized quite a few words, however, they're all food related...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.