Japanese sweets and cake specialty store Cake.jp has been dipping their toes into the anime world when designing their popular cakes lately, particularly by bringing the Devil Fruits of One Piece to delicious life in a series of cakes.

Now Cake.jp has released a collaboration with iconic anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Rei, Asuka and Mari from Rebuild of Evangelion are the motif for the collaborative cakes.

Each cake is decorated with each character’s color motif as whipped cream, a character illustration, and a chocolate plate replicating an A.T. field. Each cake is loaded with a ton of juicy strawberries as well. It’s also a fun idea for the birthday boy/girl to break the A.T. field chocolate plate for the cake cutting at a party!




Each cake is available from Cake.jp's online store for 6,300 yen.

By - Mugi.