With the official Studio Ghibli theme park set to open next month in Japan's Aichi prefecture, it makes sense that locals are getting in the mood to celebrate the highly anticipated grand opening made by the beloved animation studio. Japanese izakaya pub chain Donan Norin Suisanbu has made preparations that are sure to please the mass of Studio Ghibli fans about to descend upon the area, as they are releasing a full menu that recreates the delicious dishes of Studio Ghibli anime!

Starting October 11th, Donan Norin Suisanbu will be offering their new "Studio Ghibli Recreation" menu, which offers perfect real-life recreations of the most popular mouthwatering dishes that appear in Studio Ghibli anime. The full menu is a dream come true for Ghibli fans, who have long been in awe over just how delicious the animation giant led by legendary director Hayao Miyazaki looks on screen. Here's a look at each dish from their respective Studio Ghibli film:

Ponyo: Ham ramen served to Ponyo and Sōsuke

Spirited Away: The mysterious gelatinous food that Chihiro's dad eats at the food stall.

Princess Mononoke: Miso flavored Ojiya rice porridge, which Ashitaka eats at the village

Howl's Moving Castle: Bacon and eggs cooked by Calcifer for Sophie and Markl

My Neighbor Totoro: Satsuki's bento lunch

Kiki's Delivery Service: Kiki's Herring and pumpkin pot pie

Castle in the Sky: Fried egg bread (often called Laputa bread in Japan) which Pazu and Sheeta eat

The Wind Rises: Siberia pastry cakes that Jiro snacks on

Castle of Cagliostro: Lupin's favorite Meatball spaghetti

Of chief interest to Studio Ghibli fans will be the opportunity to eat the jiggly and hypnotically appetizing food that Chihiro's father literally pigs out on at the beginning of Spirited Away. The dish's origin has been the source of a lot of speculation for years, and is popularly assumed to be based off of the Taiwanese street stall food Ba-Wan. However, a former Studio Ghibli director and animator shocked fans when he revealed what the actual dish is said to be in the film's storyboards...

The izakaya hasn't said exactly which theory they subscribe too, but they've certainly recreated the gelatinous and meaty dish (their version uses minced meat) in fine form.

Spirited Away: Mystery Jiggly Dish

Ponyo Ham Ramen

Kiki's Delivery Service: Herring and Pumpkin Pot Pie

Those hoping to take a bite out of the dishes from the worlds of their favorite anime can do so starting October 11th at any one of five Donan Norin Suisanbu locations.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.