Japan's most popular curry chain CoCo ICHIBANYA (called Coco Ichi for short) has load of curry options on its menu (and a genius marketing strategy to get you to order a beer alongside with your meal). But while their extensive curry menu has toppings and spice levels for anybody, it's missing some curry options that are exclusive to their oversea branches.

This is because Coco Ichi first made its way overseas, the concept of Japanese-style curry had not yet been popularized. In order to ease its introduction to the foreign market, Coco Ichi adjusted the spices used in its curry, as well as making the curry base devoid of meat products. Another move they made was to center their menu around omelette curry, which they felt blended well with a mix of foreign ingredients and was more appealing. While Coco Ichi is Japan's top curry chain, grass is always greener on the other side, so curry fans who caught whiff of overseas-exclusive options became quite jealous.

Well, they don't have to feel so envious anymore! Coco Ichi is opening up a new location in Japan that serves their overseas menu exclusive curry items--that means Macaroni & Cheese curry!

Located at the Kyobashi Edogrand Building in Tokyo, the new CURRY HOUSE CoCoICHIBANYA WORLD will be the first Coco Ichi location in Japan to "reimport" its international menu options. The biggest difference between Coco Ichi restaurants located abroad and those in Japan is the curry itself, as the international version contains no meat-derived ingredients to accommodate different diets overseas.

Those used to eating at Coco Ichi in Japan will notice another big difference the moment they walk in. In Japan, Coco Ichi is seen a restaurant where you can get your curry fairly quick and head out and you won't hear much chatting, while overseas it's viewed much more as a casual hangout and even a family restaurant. This is reflected in the branch's different decor and layout.

Mac 'n' Cheese Omelette Curry

Tomato and Clam Omelette Curry

4 Mushroom Omelette Curry

Mapo Eggplant and Tofu Curry

Soft-boiled egg and spinach and chicken doria

The new Coco Ichi offering international branch exclusive menu toppings will open on October 11th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.