Mont Blanc (meaning "white mountain" in French) is a French dessert with rich chestnut cream on top of a sponge cake, meringue or pie crust base. The chestnut cream is piped in thin streams to form the "mountain," which is sometimes sprinkled with powdered sugar to make it look like a snowy mountain peak.

When done right, it's a visually appealing and delicious dessert.

Japanese rice farmer and Twitter user 柴犬そら Shibainu Sora (@sora1013siba) decided to make a Mont Blanc at home.

She asked her husband to help finish it up by piping the chestnut cream, but the result was far from what she expected.

Take a look at his hilarious attempt:

"I let my husband finish up the Mont Blanc but he failed big time LOL"

Reproduced with permission from 柴犬そら Shibainu Sora (@sora1013siba)

It looks more like a landslide than a mountain!

At first, he was able to pipe the chestnut cream in thin streams, as planned, but halfway through, the cream was too thick and when he tried to force it out, the pastry bag burst, creating the messy "mountain" you see above.

The photo of this epic Mont Blanc failure seems to have amused many people who left comments such as:

  • "I thought it was a banana... Thank you for the morning laugh."
  • "I am laughing so hard. If it were chocolate cream, you would need to pixelate that lol"
  • "I glanced at it while I was working, and now I can't work anymore!"

Of course, you could look at it as modern art. If someone were actually served this unusual Mont Blanc, it's topped with a hefty amount of chestnut cream, and that should definitely make you happy. Just make sure you don't eat the piping nozzle!

Incidentally, Sora Shibainu's husband, who's also a rice farmer, sells rice through his Twitter account. Send him a direct message at @estima_9 if you're interested!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.