When Halloween rolls around, we're always impressed by artistic Jack-o'-Lantern designs, including these amazing glowing Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yai ba designs that had us wowed last year.

Japanese Twitter user Kontaroutenguya's (@Kontaroutenguya) daughter just showed that the most terrifying Jack-o'-Lanterns are actually the ones you make too early, however. On Octopber 2nd, his daughter put together quite the spooky pumpkin lantern, one that would feel right at home on someone's porch on Halloween night.

However, the dry autumn weather in Japan means Jack-o'-Lanterns aren't really made to stand being made so early and lasting until Halloween, on the 31st. Gradually drying out, the lantern looked like this by the 4th, just two days later.

By the 11th, however, the pumpkin was so withered and deteriorated, it looked positively possessed. While it fits in with the Halloween spirit, this may be a Jack-o'-Lantern you'd be too terrified to lay our eyes on on Halloween night!

"This one is getting so old I'm not sure I can even keep it until Halloween."

Although by complete accident, the decayed Jack-o'-Lantern actually seems to have gotten a spooky upgrade for the season, with many on Twitter blown away and asking how such a terrifying lantern was made. The scariest thing is that this isn't even the creepy Jack-o'-Lantern's final form, which won't be revealed until Halloween.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.