If you were to see Sadako from the classic Japanese horror film Ringu (The Ring), your first inclination would likely be to flee in terror, but one video of her has many on Twitter staring in appreciation (fortunately the video isn't cursed!). Yosshi (@yoshi_626), a 3-D sculptor, was surprised to see that some of his interests rubbed off on his 6-year old son just in time for Halloween. His young son wowed him and many more online when he brought home his response to an art project assignment at school.

It's safe to say the kid made an appropriate one for the season!

The wind-up 3-D project simultaneously makes Sadako arise from her well and makes her poor victim run away from her, capturing the iconic moment when she crawls through a television screen and into the real world in the film. The impressive work has become a spooky hit on Twitter, with many leaving comments praising the creativity of Yosshi's son:

"A genius has emerged...! His drawings are good, and his direction and ideas are wonderful."

"I can't believe he is an elementary school student. The movement is incredible."

"If I were the teacher, I would want to give him a special award."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.