Nothing ties together a celebration like a cake, particularly one of Japan's adorably delicious character cakes. Unfortunately, if you aren't mindful of how you carry your package out of the store, you may find that your once cute mascot like character cake is suddenly quite deformed.

Twitter user MISS KIYOKI (@_mylovelything_) got a morbid reminder of that when they recently purchased a character cake for a celebration. However, it seems on the way home, the cake was jostled within its box and brushed up against the container. While that would normally just result in a smudged cake, it completely removed the "face" of the cake's character design, which is quite the traumatic sight to see!

Had it just been a smudge on the back of the cake things probably could have been salvaged, but it looks as if the character the cake is modeled after has had their face completely hollowed out or eaten off! KIYOKI was definitely devastated, but like many on Twitter, couldn't help but laugh at the sand and kind of terrifying image of a murdered character cake. If anything, it's at least in time for Halloween!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.