Halloween is almost here, and that means its time for everybody to try and get in the spirit of the spooky season--including pets, even if that pet is a duck.

Twitter user from Japan @shiratama_duck assumed that much at least, when they decided to help their adorable duck Shiratama dress for the season. Shiratama is a fan of wearing miniature bags, so @shiratama_duck decided to bestow the ducky with jack-o-lantern shaped trick-or-treat bucket-esque miniature bag for Halloween.

Shiratama, however, was not the biggest fan of the pumpkin fashion, and made it adorably clear:

"It was no good..."

Flapping her feathers and poking furiously at the bag with her peak, Shiratama sends it flying in a fury! The duck's fervent rejection of the Halloween gift has many online in stitches. As it turns out, Shiratama isn't specifically opposed to Halloween, but is currently in the middle of molting season and a bit temperamental. Hopefully she'll warm up to the bag after a change of mood--or filling it with duck treats.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.