Did you know you could make a coffee shake even if it's not officially on the menu at McDonald's Japan?

Sometimes you want to drink a shake, but if you're not so much of a sweet tooth, shakes can be too sweet for comfort. A coffee shake that is less sweet and ads just the right touch of bitterness could make for a more palatable dessert option.

If you like coffee and want to try something different the next time you visit a McDonald's in Japan, here's a neat little lifehack you can try:

How to make a coffee shake at McDonald's Japan

Order the following:

  • Premium Roast Ice Coffee S size 100 yen (tax included)
  • McShake Vanilla S size 130 yen (tax included)

If you're ordering it for takeout or having it delivered, it's easier to adjust the mixture if you use a tall glass from your kitchen.

Pour the McShake halfway into the glass and add a little iced coffee to it.

Add until the McShake is a light brown color and mix well.

You can decide the proportion of McShake and iced coffee that you want. If you like it sweeter, you can add the sweetener that comes with your iced coffee.

Now your coffee shake is ready to enjoy!

Taste test

This time, we mixed it in the ratio of 2 portions of McShake and 1 portion of iced coffee and added just a little sweetener.

It turned into a great dessert drink with moderate sweetness.

Since the base is a McShake, it's smooth and delicious.

The addition of the coffee makes the drink less icy and easier to drink if you're sensitive to cold drinks.

The ice cream melted as we drank it, so the end result was a thick, latte-like drink.

Although McShake is delicious enough on its own, this is a cool lifehack for those who want to try a different flavor once in a while, or even enjoy a change of taste in the middle of your drink!

If you don't have iced coffee at the McDonald's where you live, you can try something similar with regular coffee if you have ice at home and can chill your coffee beforehand. Why not give it a try?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.