Spooky taxi rides are not unheard of in Japan, in fact you can even have one take you to haunted spots in your area (although you'll have to sign a waiver). This Halloween thrill-seekers will be able to take quite the cursed ride however, as a Tokyo taxi service is now offering the opportunity to share a taxi ride with Sadako, the terrifying ghost girl from The Ring (Ringu).

Japanese app S.Ride is used for summoning taxis, but this Halloween season it can also be used to summon the long-haired pale-skinned queen of J-horror, Sadako, along with them in a promotional collaboration for the new Sadako DX film. Along with their usual services, S.Ride will be offering 50 special Sadako Taxis that let you try to get to your destination in a cab haunted by Sadako. You can use the AR function of the app within the taxi, but be warned that may result in Sadako popping out of the backseat monitor and terrifying you in a recreation of the iconic scene from The Ring.

Sadako does show a soft side before your cursed taxi ride begins, however, creepily demonstrating safety protocol in an instructional video.

Once you've submitted your request for a ride from Sadako, you'll get a cursed confirmation message showing her crawling out of her well with a play on her horrifying tagline from The Ring, "I'm on my way."

For rides on October 30th and 31st, Sadako will appear on the windows of cabs in a Halloween themed illustration (on other nights, as the ghostly apparition featured in the picture at the top of the article.)

The Sadako Taxis are currently available in the Tokyo area via S.Ride, and wi

By - grape Japan editorial staff.