Walks are an important routine for a dog's health, and sometimes doubles as the fun highlight of their day. Unfortunately more excitable doggos have a habit of inspecting everything they find on the ground during their walk, and sometimes trying to eat them--even when it's something they shouldn't be chowing down on.

Japanese Twitter user @kuroshibamikan has that problem with their frisky black shiba inu, Mikan. While definitely a good girl, Mikan apparently has a pesky enough habit of inspecting things by taste on walks that her owner decided to help her out by buying a "eating-while-walking-prevention cover" to wear on walks.

However, while the muzzle definitely prevents that problem, it definitely won't stop you from laughing, as it seems to have turned Mikan into a shiba inu duck!

Source: @kuroshibamikan

Source: @kuroshibamikan

Source: @kuroshibamikan

"She tends to eat things on the ground during walks, and while I feel bad for her, I got her a prevention-muzzle for it...what on earth is this creature?"

As you can see, the muzzle-like cover (which is still open in the middle so it's not uncomfortable) is shaped like a duck bill, making Mikan look as if she's a shiba inu-duck hybrid! The duck bill cover has many on Twitter in love with Mikan's new look, and wondering if a new adorable species has been discovered.

While @kuroshibamikan may feel a bit bad about making Mikan look silly, the cover has the double-charm of keeping Mikan safe and giving her a cute new look.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.