Nissin’s idea for Cup Noodle cheer poms has noodle lovers ready to form ramen cheer squads

With actual releases like Cup Noodle humidifiers and Cup Noodle soda, it can be hard to tell what zany ideas Japanese instant noodle giant Nissin shares on its Twitter account are real or not. Unfortunately we've yet to see a commercial realization of Cup Noodle bath bombs and incense.

Nevertheless, whenever Nissin posts a concept inspired by their flagship instant ramen, noodle lovers seem to get slurped up in a frenzy. This time is no different, as Nissin's shared an idea that has people rooting for it to be released--Cup Noodle cheerleading pom poms!

Nissin jokes that the cheer poms are to be used to cheer on people eating Cup Noodle with Cup Noodle itself. The design is quite clever, as the strands of the poms look like noodles being poured from an actual Cup Noodle, with comically large toppings attached to them.

Unfortunately, they haven't been announced as a retail product. However, the post is filled with replies clamoring for a real release, so maybe if Nissin is keeping an eye on it, they'll give ramen lovers what they want!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.