The sudden switch from panic to stupefied relief that comes with discovering where your cat was all along after desperately searching all over the house for them is an emotional pendulum swing that cat owners know all too well. Just when you fear they've escaped or something unfortunate has happened, they seem to show up in the strangest places without the slightest bit of concern on their face.

You'd think that wouldn't happen with a cat as fluffy as a ragdoll, but Twitter user @ranga_ragdoll proved even bigger cats can pull off this stressful but adorable disappearing act.

Just when @ranga_ragdoll thought all hope was lost when searching for their cat Ranga, they looked at their stacked pile of futons and found that Ranga was using one to rest--just not in the way you'd think.

Source: @ranga_ragdoll

"Just when I thought he was gone..."

Ranga somehow wound up wedged in between the folded crease of one of the futons, poking his head out with an adorably cheeky expression that seems to say "oh, were you looking for me?" Cats are obviously fans of fitting into cramped spaces, but Ranga's futon sleeping style that has many on Twitter in stitches really begs the question "how the heck did he get in there?"

Fortunately, @ranga_ragdoll provided a video that seems to suggest that this is a common hiding spot for Ranga, so next time he vanishes they'll know where to look first.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.