Japan's Nippon Department Store has always been selective about its products and items to make it interesting and unique. Their new “Fruit Kanten (Gelatin) series”, made with kohakuto (traditional Japanese amber gelatin sugar sweets) is one of their popular items. This time, for a limited time ranging from fall to winter, a new flavor “Fruit Kanten Craft Cola float flavor” is available!

Kohakuto are a type of Japanese traditional sweet made with sugar and kanten (vegetable gelatin) which has been long loved in Japan. The outside is crunchy and inside is gooey. They look like a gemstone from the outside, and have been nicknamed “edible gems", and gained traction on social media thanks to their pretty aesthetic in recent years.

Fruit Kanten Craft Cola float flavor

Fruit Kanten Strawberry Milk falvor

Fruits Kanten Cream Soda flavor

The limited series of popular kanten candy are available at Nippon Department Store locations, as well as their online store.

By - Mugi.