Japan’s PATATTO series of convenient collapsible chairs for outdoor activities is getting a Disney twist that will make them quite useful to use at actual Disney parks. On October 17th, the new Disney princess series “PATATTO 180 Disney”(featuring Ariel, Belle, and Rapunzel) was released.

“PATTO 180 Disney Princess” is a lineup of simple yet chic style collapsible chairs offered in three colors inspired by the motif of their respective Disney princess. These will be perfect to accompany you on picnics, and especially to use when waiting in line or needing a seat at Disneyland festivals or parades.

Each features a different design on the front and back.




The front of each chair has its own princess illustrated, and the back side has all the Disney princesses.

The chair is 18cm in height, 200g in weight and only 3cm in depth when folded. They are perfectly portable and fit into a tote or backpack.

Each 2,200 stool can be ordered directly from Solcion.

By - Mugi.