While any time of year is great, spring and fall are very much two popular seasons to travel to and around Japan. The reason for this is the picturesque scenery that accompanies each season. In the fall, trees showing off their brilliantly colored and fiery fall leaves known as koyo has many headed outdoors to take in their surroundings, and in the spring, cherry blossom season is always highlighted by gathering under gorgeous sakura trees for flower viewing parties (not to mention delicious sakura flavored treats).

So while it can be a bit of dilemma for those in search of amazing natural scenery to decide what season to plan their travels, it turns out there is one place in Japan that takes the best of both seasons and allows you to view beautiful cherry blossoms and fall leaves at the same time.

Photographer yukkey (@yukkey_inc) blew the minds of many on Twitter when they shared this awesome shot of a converging of two of Japan's most iconic scenic beauties, a spot where sakura and colorful fall trees meet:

Source: @yukkey_inc

"There's a lovely landscape in Japan where you can see koyo and sakura at the same time."

The "miraculous" scenery, as some are calling it, was photographed at Obara Fureai Park in Aichi. The Obara region is home to 10,000 of a rare and special type of cherry blossom called the shizakura. Shizakura trees bloom twice a year, once in spring as most sakura do, but also right at the peak season to see vibrantly colored fall leaves between October and November. The result is a captivating mesh of elegant spring cherry blossoms and fiery fall leaves.

If you're planning a trip to Japan and can't decide on the season, perhaps go for a two-for-one in the fall and visit Obara to see this magical scenery!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.