Following an initial announcement in September 2022, Lead Edge Consulting, Inc. has now revealed more details of its highly-anticipated NFT art project "TOMIE by Junji Ito" in collaboration with Yomiuri TV Enterprises, Inc. This is the first official NFT collection by 伊藤順二 Junji Ito, one of Japan's leading horror manga artists whom we had the privilege of interviewing in 2019.

On Halloween, October 31st, 2022, Lead Edge Consulting revealed the main visual for the project and announced that the project's main website, previously only existing as a placeholder, is now live.

Main Visual

You can view the full image here.

The main visual is a symbolic scene from one of Junji Ito's most popular works, 富江 Tomie, a three-part manga series about a literal femme fatale who can never die. The scene was selected from 「伊藤潤二傑作集2 富江 下」(Ito Junji Masterpiece Collection 2: Tomie Vol. 2).

In conjunction with the activation of the official website, a campaign will also be held in which you can win an allowlist spot (advance purchasing rights) by following and retweeting posts from the project's official Twitter account.

In addition, an information session (AMA - Ask me anything) will be held on Twitter Space to provide more details about the project and answer any questions you may have.

As for the NFT themselves, they're scheduled for release on Friday, November 18th, 2022.

Tomie by Junji Ito

Junji Ito's first NFT project "Tomie by Junji Ito" commemorates the global January 2023 release of the Netflix anime series Junji Ito: Maniac which will feature Tomie. A total of 2,222 pieces of artwork will be available, all of them based on the original Tomie manga.

Each NFT artwork will be of equal value, 0.06 ETH at presale, 0.07 ETH at public sale.

Each artwork will contain a tiled background made from a combination of panels taken from the original Tomie manga, and a color foreground image taken from an eye-catching scene from the work. There is no duplication in the combination of colors and patterns, making every NFT a unique artwork.

Purchasers may use the artwork for personal use only, such as as for their profile image on Twitter. Also, depending on when you purchase, you will receive a "Playing Tomie NFT" airdrop.

Regenerating Tomie NFT and the "Kill System"

Owners of this collection will receive an airdrop of "Regenerating Tomie NFT" as a bonus.

Airdropped NFTs can be killed (burned) on a special website. Killing does not mean that Tomie will disappear completely. The 'killed' NFTs will turn into Tomie's body parts which will regenerate over time and return to form a new Tomie once again.

There are several patterns of illustrations depending on the progress paths for Tomie's regeneration, and they are set randomly for each kill.

Thus, through the blockchain, you can experience Tomie's immortal existence just as she is portrayed in the original manga, as a woman who "regenerates from her body parts even after being killed."

By - Ben K.