While it's necessary to keep a good eye on their health, it's an unfortunate truth for pet owners that can evoke some pretty stressed reactions from their pets. While there's no humor to be in the stress itself, sometimes the reactions--particularly the moment of revelation when the pet realizes that they've arrived at the vet--can be so unique that you can't help but find them adorable or hilarious.

Japanese Twitter user Motachino (@alo3571) got a taste of that "feel so bad it's cute" feeling when they took their cat to the vet recently for a routine checkup. According to Motachino, their cat was very well behaved before heading to the vet's office and even on the way there. Unfortunately, the moment the kitty realized it was sitting in the waiting room, their cat became quite the recluse.

While that in itself isn't all that unusual for an upset cat, it's the way the petrified feline erects an impenetrable defensive formation and refuses to budge an inch--and as Motachino says, became a stone.

No matter how many times Motachino prods at the cat, calls out to them, or tries to move them, the stubborn kitty just will not move, curled up into a perfect ball and hiding its face like a child trying to sleep off the idea of going to school in the morning. The video has become a big hit with cat lovers, many of who were sympathetic to the kitty's plight, but also in admiration of its dedication to the tortoise shell strategy.

Don't worry too much, however, as after a healthy checkup and a routine shot, the cat was treated to a tasty reward.

Source: @alo3571

By - grape Japan editorial staff.