As fun a time as Halloween is, every year parents of young children probably get a little anxious when they ask their kid want they want to dress up as to celebrate the spooky holiday. While you want your kid to have fun dressing up, maybe more that Halloween ghosts you might be scared of a very difficult or even impossible costume to buy or put together.

For Japanese mother and Twitter user Nekokawaomochi (@omochi10_07) that fear was realized when her son approached her about what he wanted to be for Halloween this year and made a very specific and challenging request:

"I want to be a railroad crossing sign!"

Definitely not your typical Halloween costume, and definitely not an easy one to find on store shelves, or even imagine dressing up as. I mean, just take a look at one!

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Nekokawaomochi says she did her best to try and encourage her son to shift towards a ready-made fictional character to costume as, but the kid remained firm and wouldn't budge from his Halloween dream of being a railroad crossing signal.

Rather than put her parental foot down, Nekokawaomochi did something that brought a huge smile to her son's face, and has delighted parents all across Twitter. She drew up blueprints for the costume and prepared to design it herself!

Source: @omochi10_07

Nekokawaomochi says that as she added more and more parts to her sketched plans, her son got more and more excited. You can only imagine his excitement when she completed the handcrafted costume right down to the finest detail, turning her son into the cutest railroad crossing signal ever!

Source: @omochi10_07

Source: @omochi10_07

Nekokawaomochi really flexed her creative muscle, not only with some impressively illustrated blueprints, but the final product. The costume reproduces the crossing signal placed at railroad crossings and even the "traffic direction" and safety lights, as well as cleverly turning the "X" signal into a hat. Another safety light even looks like it could serve as a trick-or-treat candy bucket if needed!

Many on Twitter were touched and wowed by Nekokawaomochi's handling of such a tall order costume request, with some saying they wished the costume was commercialized so they could buy it for their own children who are fans of trains.

Nekokawaomochi's son may not have known how difficult the costume was to make when he requested it, but it definitely made for a Halloween to remember--and maybe a costume that stopped traffic.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.