A child's wedding is usually one of the biggest events in parents' lives.

When it comes to daughters, in addition to being genuinely happy for their child beginning a joyful new chapter of their life, fathers often feel a sense of accomplishment and countless other emotions as they escort them down the aisle.

Japanese TikTok user baby_smile5.4 posted a video from her wedding, which got noticed on the platform for being so wholesome and relatable.

She says that during her wedding, her father was about to take her down the aisle but their progress was slow. The reason? According to the narration, "he was a mess and was unable to walk lol."

Of course, there was nothing physically wrong with his legs. He was so overwhelmed with the emotion of the moment as the realization that his daughter was getting married fully hit him. You'll surely be touched by the scene here:

@baby_smile5.4 #結婚式 #結婚式入場 #挙式入場 #歩けない ♬ オリジナル楽曲 - あ 🌼

In a standard Western-style Japanese wedding, after bowing, the father and daughter normally waste no time walking down the aisle. The idea is they don't want to keep the groom waiting.

However, the father could hardly take his first step!

He must have had memories of his daughter running through his mind.

People are shedding tears as he finally walks down the aisle...

Some of the comments revealed how touched people were by this video:

  • "I cried on the train."
  • "I cried even though I'm a stranger!"
  • "I can feel how much your father cared for you!"

According to baby_smile5.4, her father had bragged about being able to handle the emotions of the wedding that morning, saying: "You've already been legally married for some time now and I even have a grandchild, so I'll be more than fine..."

But perhaps his confident facade broke down when it was actually time to walk down the aisle with his daughter in her beautiful wedding dress.

baby_smile5.4 also made the following comment:

My father said: "I always gave you 120% of my love. Next, I'll give 130% to my grandchildren."

Maybe we'll be seeing more videos of him, not only as a loving father but as a loving granddad from here on out!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.