Hotland Co., Ltd., which operates the takoyaki restaurant chain 築地銀だこ Tsukiji Gindaco and the taiyaki cake shop chain 銀のあん Gin no An in Japan, will participate in イオンモール ブラックフライデー "AEON MALL Black Friday," a large-scale annual event held at AEON Mall shopping centers in Japan. Both Tsukiji Gindaco and Gin-no-an will participate.

This year, one of the highlights will be a special takoyaki promotion in which fans of the tasty little round octopus fritters will be able to fulfill their dreams by feasting on takoyaki to their heart's content at select Tsukiji Gindaco branches (reservations required). Before taxes, the price is only 980 JPY, or USD $6.66 at current exchange rates.

All-you-can-eat takoyaki dream

  • Campaign name: 夢の食べ放題企画! All-you-can-eat dream project!
  • When: November 21st, 22nd, 24th and 25th
  • Where: 28 stores in AEON Malls nationwide (see below for details)
  • Price: 980 JPY plus tax | Add 200 JPY plus tax for all-you-can-drink soft drinks
  • Eligible products: All 6-piece takoyaki menu items
  • Time limit: 45 minutes
  • Reservation system: Reservations for all-you-can-eat are accepted only at the store and will be closed when capacity is reached.
  • COVID-19 measures: Customers are urged to sanitize their hands and keep a safe distance between themselves and other customers. Restaurants may limit entry when too crowded.


  • [Hokkaido] AEON MALL Asahikawa Ekimae and AEON MALL Katepuri
  • [Miyagi] AEON MALL Shin-Rifu North Building
  • [Gunma] AEON MALL Takasaki, AEON MALL Ota
  • [Saitama] AEON MALL Hanyu, AEON Laketown KAZE
  • [Chiba] AEON MALL Narita, AEON MALL Tsudanuma, AEON MALL Makuhari-Shintoshin
  • [Tokyo] AEON MALL Musashi Murayama, AEON MALL Hinode 3rd floor, AEON MALL Higashikurume
  • [Kanagawa] AEON MALL Zama
  • [Shizuoka] AEON MALL Hamamatsu Shitsuro
  • [Niigata] AEON MALL Shin Niigata Minami
  • [Toyama] AEON MALL Takaoka
  • [Aichi] AEON MALL Higashiura, AEON MALL Okazaki, AEON MALL Kisogawa
  • [Mie] AEON MALL Toin
  • [Hiroshima] AEON MALL Hiroshima Gion
  • [Kyoto] AEON MALL Kumiyama
  • [Ehime] AEON MALL Niihama
  • [Tokushima] AEON MALL Tokushima
  • [Fukuoka] AEON MALL Nogata, AEON MALL Fukuoka
  • [Okinawa] AEON MALL Okinawa Lycam

Special Deal on Croissant Taiyaki

You can buy a special box containing a half-dozen of Gin no An's famous croissant taiyaki for only 960 JPY instead of the normal price of 1,260 JPY during Aeon Mall BLACK FRIDAY!

  • When: November 18th to 27th, 2022.
  • Where: AEON MALL stores nationwide where Gin no An shops are located (excluding stores that carry Tsukiji Gindako croissants)
  • Price: 960 JPY (tax incl.)
  • Varieties: Choice of azuki bean or custard
  • Availability: Only while supplies last.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.