There are many different reasons for dieting and not everyone needs to, but for those who want to lose weight while also staying on a budget, it's not always easy to find a healthy diet plan.

Although you'll save money if you simply buy less of the foods you're already eating, depending on what food that is, it's not necessarily a healthy diet. There are all kinds of "diet products" and meal plans these days but you may have a hard time staying on a budget that way.

Japanese YouTuber かなやん Kanayan, who successfully lost 14 kg (over 30 lbs), introduces healthy, delicious and budget-friendly recipes that can not only help you lose weight but also keep your weight off on her channel "Kanayan [diet vlog]".

Dieting with soybean sprouts

There's one food that's ideal for those who are trying to lose weight on a budget, and that's soybean sprouts. They're a very affordable and nutritious food that can also fill you up. They're also incredibly versatile, and easy to cook in a variety of dishes.

In the following video, Kanayan introduces six excellent recipes using soybean sprouts:

Soybean sprouts can be used in main dishes, salads, and sides. For example, you can make a tasty Chinese-style salad, pasta, and even teriyaki hamburger steak.

Avoiding the dreaded rebound

Once you've achieved your desired weight, you may rebound if you're not careful. Not to worry, however. Kanayan has some great ideas to make sure you keep the weight off. One of them may sound obvious but is often overlooked by novice dieters: replacing rice or pasta with vegetables.

In this video, she introduces her menu for one day. For example, she makes a healthy variation on a classic from Szechuan cuisine, 口水鸡 kǒu shuǐ jï, or steamed chicken with spicy sauce.

Japanese people typically eat rice with every meal. Just removing that from the equation and replacing rice with vegetables can go a long way toward helping you lose weight.

The recipes look so tasty as well. Why don't you try following her ideas to see if it works for you?

* These recipes are not presented with any guarantees and results may vary from person to person. Consult with your doctor if you have questions or concerns regarding your health and/or your weight.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.