Japanese jeweler U-Treasure has been on a roll with a series of Pokemon-inspired jewelry, including Monster Ball diamonds for wedding rings and sleepy Snorlax rings. Their latest release comes with a ghostly theme, as they’ll be releasing Pokemon necklaces and rings with a spooky Gengar motif in two colors, silver and platinum black. Pre-orders will be accepted until November 15th.

The new platinum black rings and necklaces have a shiny finish in a black silver color coating, to echo Gengar’s mysterious natures. In the necklace, an amethyst is used to match Ganger’s purple color.

These items will be available at U-Treasure Concept Ikebukuro store, and U-Treasure online shop.

Gengar necklace

Price: 20,900 yen (Silver, black coating), 154,000 yen (Platinum black coating) *tax included

Gengar ring

Price: 20,900 yen (Silver, black coating), 176,000 yen (Platinum black coating)

By - Mugi.