Over the years, we've seen Nissin spice up their flagship Cup Noodle instant ramen series with a lot of adventurous flavors, some of which include French fries and chicken nuggets, karaage fried chicken, and even flavor hybrids of the standard lineup.

So while it's become standard practice to expect a bold and surprising new flavor to be lurking around the corner, their latest is one that actually makes perfect sense. That's because Nissin has released a new Cup Noodle packed with the taste of its favorite dumpling pairing--gyoza!

As most noodle lovers know, when sitting down to order a piping hot bowl of ramen, it's quite common to pair your noodles with a plate of crispy and juicy gyoza dumplings, much akin to a burger and fries. Nissin's new Cup Noodle Gyoza Big aims to capture the flavor of gyoza within your cup of ramen. This is done with a meaty soup made with garlic and chives (often stuffed in gyoza) that is meant to recreate the juicy burst of flavor one gets when biting into gyoza. In addition to Cup Noodle's famous mystery meat (although the mystery portion has been revealed), the ramen is topped with additional chives and cabbage.

To really drive home the feeling of downing gyoza as you slurp your noodles, the new Cup Noodle even comes with a packet of gyoza dipping sauce, consisting of vinegar, soy sauce, and chili oil!

An interesting point Nissin is making about the new Cup Noodle is that they especially crafted the flavor to be eaten with copious amounts of rice, as gyoza set meals in Japan often are. That means you can enjoy it with a serving of rice separately, throw your noodles on top of some, or simply dump it into your left over soup!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.