Source: @naoto_izumo

Why corgis are the most dramatic dog actors

While it's easy to focus on their waddling butts and short, scampering legs, one of the greatest charms a corgi has is how remarkably expressive they can be. While a lot of the animated looks they give are usually related to food, sometimes it's their more dramatic expressions that stand out.

Japanese Twitter user moke (@naoto_izumo) has a good reminder of what an adorable flair for the theatrics corgis have, snapping the perfect shot of their pet corgi's disappointed reaction during a game of catch. moke's energetic doggo was very much into the back and forth of the game, but apparently mistimed his jump for the ball, and well--as you can see, he seems to have taken it personally!

Source: @naoto_izumo

moke's corgi looks absolutely devastated, delivering an Oscar-worthy look of anguish in response to simply misjudging a ball. The overly-dramatic look of frustration has delighted many corgi fans on Twitter, with many chiming in that their own stocky canine companions do the same as well.

Knowing corgis, moke's dog probably quickly returned to a tongue-dangling look of excitement seconds later, though.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.