Just a few days ago, many in Japan were treated to quite the celestial show in the form of a total lunar eclipse coinciding with a planetary occultation. The occultation of Uranus and a total lunar eclipse provided for some truly stunning scenery not seen in 442 years.

Japanese photographer hirai_yuma(@kuala_hippo)may have a claim to the best shot snapped yet of the "miracle" show in the sky, taking this gorgeous interval photo of the total lunar eclipse appearing above Japan's most iconic mountain--Mt. Fuji!

Source: @kuala_hippo

The powerful collaboration of the gradually fading moon and the reddish color of Mt. Fuji quickly impressed on Twitter, with many praising the painstakingly set up shot as a once in a life time beauty! Truly, Mt. Fuji has never looked like this before!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.