The late multi-creator Rune Naito left about 10,000 of art pieces behind. To celebrate that work, a pop-up shop exhibition titled “RUNE BOYS from Barazoku” will be featuring his illustrations that have been on the front covers Japanese gay men's magazine "Barazoku” for 2 weeks from November 11th at Shibuya PARCO.

Ever since the debut in 1953, Rune Naito had led the teen magazine industry as a star illustrator and multi-creator of art. He was referred to as the “creator of Kawaii culture”, and continued to create “kawaii” contents until passing at the age of 74. Outside of that, however, his work that provided the iconic covers of Japan’s first gay magazine “Barazoku” are perhaps his most celebrated art.

Naito left over 10,000 gay art pieces in the course of his career, and those featured in Barazoku are credited as an artistic spotlight on LGBTQ issues in Japan. The men illustrated Rune drew in his work were eventually called “Rune Boys”.

PARCO's “RUNE BOYS from Barazoku” event will display artwork from those front covers, and there will be an exhibit of original and replicas of original illustrations, as well as original merchandise available for purchase.

Event details

Title: RUNE BOYS from Barazoku

Date: November 11th to 25th, 2022

Place: [PENGUIN SOUVENIR] 6F Shibuya PARCO 15-1 Utagawa-cho Shibuya Tokyo


By - Mugi.