Japanese retailer Felissimo loves to put a cute and quirky spin on just about any product they can imagine, and their YOU+MORE! series (a play on the pronunciation of “humor” in Japanese) has recently been doing that with tissue box covers that allow you to pet furry hamster cheeks and butts and even stage sumo wrestling battles.

Their latest take on tissue box covers will have otter fans swooning and going through their tissue supply in no time at all, as it's an incredibly realistic cover of two otters cuddling in their sleep that are quite realistic to touch!

The tissue cover depicts two otters snuggling up with each other for a nap, as they often do, and were designed by a huge otter enthusiast who spent hours at an aquariums studying the adorable little guys. Because of that, they were able to reproduce the likeness of a real otter right down to the finer details, including their plump texture when you poke them by kneading rubber putty--which might distract you from actually taking out a tissue!

You may find yourself feeling just a bit guilty as you reach in between them and disturb their sleep to grab your tissue, however...

The adorable fluffy otter tissue box covers can be purchased from Felissimo within Japan, as well as their international website as well.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.