KFC recently made a menu shift chicken sandwiches to burgers in Japan, overhauling their existing lineup, as well as adding some new fried chicken faces. The Colonel has now announced the first new burger since the change was made, and it's quite luxurious winter release. Hoping to provide a hot and hearty meal for the chilly season, KFC Japan will be releasing a new duo of Lobster Fillet Burgers and Lobster Cheese Fillet Burgers.

The Lobster Fillet Burger features thick crispy croquette filled with creamy lobster bisque that is then topped with stewed tomato sauce and sandwiched along with KFC's signature boneless fried chicken. KFC says the burger packs and overflowing lobster flavor that streams out after one bite. From the pictures, we definitely take their word for it.

Meanwhile the Lobster Cheese Fillet Burger serves up the same with the added bonus of cheddar cheese, which KFC makes for an even richer flavor combination.

The Lobster Fillet Burger is available for 480 yen on its own, but can also be purchased in a set with a medium drink and small fries for 840 yen, or a burger box that includes a medium drink, small fries, original chicken, and a biscuit for 1,040 yen.

Meanwhile, the Lobster Cheese Fillet Burger is available for 520 yen on its onw, 870 yen in a set, and 1,070 yen in a burger box.

Both Lobster Fillet burgers will be available at KFC locations throughout Japan beginning November 161th for a limited time.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.