One way to practice drawing is to look at something and reproduce it faithfully.

You can copy a three-dimensional object such as an actual person, thing, or scenery, or a two-dimensional object such as a photograph or illustration.

Japanese illustrator and Twitter user なめきみほ Namekimiho (@namekimiho) shared the homework assignment that her 6-year-old son completed for art class. The students were to copy an image as faithfully as possible.

The drawing shows how her talented young son reproduced the subject in surprising detail, even including "certain things" that adults would probably not have included.

Please take a look!

Reproduced with permission from なめきみほ Namekimiho (@namekimiho)

You can see two stag beetles against a colorful background evoking a natural setting.

However, there's an X mark crossing out the drawing. It wasn't a teacher who put it there, since he hadn't even submitted it yet. Her son drew it.

You also can't help but notice the letters PIXTA in the center. PIXTA is a Japanese marketplace for stock photos, illustrations, and videos.

The images on PIXTA have a watermark to protect them from being copied by those who haven't purchased them. Sure enough, that watermark consists of cross lines and the letters PIXTA in the center.

Namekimiho's son had faithfully copied not only the stag beetles and the background but also the watermark in the image!

This work elicited comments such as "What an honest artist" and "He has a bright future ahead of him!"

If an adult were to copy the same reference image, he or she would surely draw it without the watermark. But that wouldn't be a faithful reproduction. From that point of view, you could say he aced his assignment!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.